10Th JAPAN CUP 2018

          (4th All Japan Salsa Championship)


September 22nd (Sat.) 


The Venue: The ROHM Theatre Kyoko   B2 North Hall  → Access 


■ Japan Cup 2018 After Party 

  September 22nd (Sat) 20:0024:00





■Japan Cup 2018 Workshop 

September 23rd (Sun) 11:0017:00 

@ Iwata Latin Dance Studio



■Japan Cup 2018 After Party 

September 23rd (Sun) 19:0024:00 

@ Cafe&Bar Shanti



■Entrance Fee


13:00- 18:00  ¥2,000(No drink)

18:00- 23:00  ¥3,500 (1drink)

Full time   ¥4,500(1drink)


■ Time Schedule


13:00 OPEN

13:30-16:30 Qualifying Round

17:30-18:00 Ceremony

18:00 re-open 

18:30  Competition

20:30-21:00 honor dance/ Guest dancer performance

21:30  Ceremony

23:00 Close


■ Guest Dancer:


Alex Bryan  from Australia

Mario Acosta-Cavallos  from Canada





1. Easily accessible and fancy place

2. More than 20 category of dance

3. The highest score will be awarded ¥100,000

4. Exciting performance by World Champion's


■ Sponcer by


Latin Bar Las Risas

Japan Bachata Association



■ Contact 



~~ Category of dance ~~


Solo Division

Salsa solo male

Salsa solo female

Bachata solo male

Bachata solo female

・Any Style male

・Any Style female



Pair Division

Salsa on1 pair(include Cuban, Colombia)

Salsa on2 pair

Bachata pair



Same gender Division

Salsa SG male

Salsa SG female

・Any Style male

・Any Style female



Team Division

Salsa pair small team (Under 5 people)

Salsa pair team (More than 6 people)

Salsa senior team (More than 6 people, average age 45 and up)

Salsa shine team

Bachata team



Pro-Am Division(Heat system)

Salsa on1 pair

Salsa on2 pair

Bachata pair


* Pro-Am Division: A Professional Dancer (Instructor) dancing with one Amateur Dancer

* Heat System: A category where all partner or couples dance together on the stage or floor to music that is selected by the organizer or deejay.



~~ Participation Cost ~~

* Application deadline is August,20th(Sun)


more information is coming up soon.(rules,competition system etc.)


Contact :  japancup@japan-salsa.com


■ Guest Dancer:




Alex Bryan from Australia


Video of Hong King World Salsa Championships 2014


■ Guest Dancer:




Mario Acosta-Cavallos from Canada


Video of World Salsa Summit 2016